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4 Reasons to Give Up Coffee

Reasons to Give Up Coffee

One morning, I woke and found my way to the coffee maker in the same way I had done for the past 20 years.

My brain knows that the first few sips are the best.

After a lifetime of coffee-loving, I found that this ritual made my mornings miserable.

I was so sick from the first cup that I had to run to the bathroom.

You can’t forget the jittery, nauseating feeling when you have more than one.

Then there was the anxiety, sleep issues, dizziness, and restlessness. These symptoms persisted even after I reduced my caffeine intake by half.

The worst? The worst part?

It was all so confusing. Why did these symptoms suddenly appear?

It turns out I’m not the only one.
Coffee tolerance can change over time, which can lead to major problems later in life. This is especially true for women.

The first is adrenal overload.

Your adrenal glands constantly respond to stress by pumping cortisol, which keeps you going through the most challenging events.

The problem is that stimulants such as coffee can trigger your adrenals to go crazy.

After years of dealing with modern-day stressors and drinking 3-4 cups of caffeine per day, my adrenals had become a wreck.

That’s probably why I could pull all-nighters and guzzle coffee all week when 20 years old, but not as much at 40.

I was also told that your sensitivity is largely controlled by CYP1A2, a liver enzyme. Your sensitivity to caffeine is affected by how active your CYP1A2 enzyme is.

However, CYP1A2 drops with age, and this is why you may be more sensitive to caffeine over time.

A growing number of clinical studies suggest that I am not the only one who notices health problems related to caffeine intake.

This brings us to the withdrawal symptoms of caffeine.

Many people suffer withdrawal symptoms from quitting coffee, but mine is unbearable.

I am crushing headaches, muscles aches, fatigue, brain fog even depression. It turns out I am not the only one suffering from these symptoms.

The blood vessels in your brain contract when you drink coffee, which can slow down blood flow. A study showed that drinking less than three cups of coffee could reduce blood flow by 27%.

When you stop smoking, your blood flow changes dramatically, which can cause severe headaches and neck pain.

There’s also fatigue, which can last for weeks or months, difficulty concentrating, depression and anxiety, and tremors.

No wonder more people don’t quit!

I tried everything I could to reduce the bad effects of caffeine. I tried slowing down, butter coffee, and L-theanine tablets.

No matter what I tried, my sleep was poor, my anxiety was high, and my morning coffee didn’t have the same benefits.

My husband saw me in the kitchen crying, and he rescued me.

My husband was aware that I had been experiencing problems with energy and digestion due to too much coffee. However, I couldn’t stop drinking it.

This morning I was exhausted from a long day at work, and I could not shake the feeling of brain fog and fatigue. It was worsened by coffee.

It was like I had hit rock bottom, and I was about to call it in sick

He then mentioned nootropics.

Although I had heard of “smart drugs” in the past, I thought they were more for biohackers or computer coders.

There are so many choices these days that I was confused about which ones to buy.

My husband suggested a company that bases recommendations on a unique quiz that matches your exact needs and uses the correct formulas.

I needed to regain my energy and brainpower. I decided that it was worth the effort.

My first shipment arrived just a few days later.
I was utterly transformed by the “smart drugs,” which have changed my energy and brainpower.

Formula’s nootropics are the best because they take all guesswork out of supplementation.

The packets are individually packed and wrapped so that I can know exactly how much and when to take them. I was also given customized instructions to get the best results right away.

They worked immediately, which was a surprise to me.

It wasn’t what I expected, though.

My brain never flipped on like a light switch in my entire life without worrying about anxiety or coffee jitters.

I could get more done in just a few hours than I would typically do in a day.

This kind of focus and brainpower seemed like it was gone forever.

I was able to meet up with friends that evening for dinner. They commented on my energy and demeanor.

It sounds insane, but it was true. I slept much better that night.

Although I don’t know how this supplement can increase my energy or improve my sleep quality, it works!

Nootropics, unlike coffee, don’t depend on stimulants to awaken your mind. You can reap the benefits of increased attention, focus, and recall without drinking too much coffee.

You’ll sleep better at night with no lingering effects from caffeine.

Nootropics, just like coffee, can help me get through a sleepless night.

My nootropics helped me to wean off caffeine without any of the withdrawal symptoms that I experienced in the past.

Now, I use my Formula nootropics almost daily.

My husband, friends, coworkers, and colleagues noticed changes in my moods and productivity.

I now sleep better than ever, and I no longer fear those “wired and tired mornings” that I’ve grown to …. be dreading.

This quiz will help you find the best nootropics formula for you.
Do you want to give up some of your brainpower and energy?

I now know the power and benefits of nootropics. Here are the reasons why I switched to nootropics.

1. It didn’t work anymore with coffee

Coffee loses its effectiveness over time for many, but it isn’t impossible to quit because of the withdrawal symptoms.

Your body doesn’t have the same tolerance for nootropics or stimulants. Many people can use the same nootropics can be used for years by many people and have identical effects, and they don’t suffer from the same withdrawal symptoms that coffee.

Formula blends can be made with or without caffeine. You can choose the caffeine-free option if you don’t want to give up your morning coffee. You can also decide on Formulas with the right amount of caffeine if you don’t want to quit coffee.

2. I was wired but not alert.

I mistakenly thought that “wired” meant feelings of productivity and focus. An accelerated heartbeat without brainpower and focus is downright unfavorable.

We’re all familiar with the feeling of being wired and tired after a lack of sleep or too much coffee in the morning.

Non-stimulant Nootropics provide calm, steady concentration and energy. They won’t make your heart race. You can also choose a formula with caffeine to get an extra kick.

3. My hormones were being affected by coffee!

Coffee can cause adrenal damage, stressing your hormones and even causing hormonal imbalances in women.

It’s possible to suffer from any of these symptoms. Your adrenal glands may need to take a rest.

  • Constant fatigue
  • Energy drops throughout the day
  • Poor stress response
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog and other cognitive problems
  • Want to satisfy your cravings?
  • Use of stimulants and sugar too often

Nootropics are a great way to increase mental alertness, which many people (including myself) believe is possible without stimulants or the stress response.

Your adrenals will be able to relax by switching to your unique nootropics formulation. This will allow your hormones to get back on track.

Additionally, nootropics, which are not coffee, can increase blood flow to key brain areas, protect your brain against oxidative stress and provide critical nutrients to help your brain reach its maximum power.

4. My sleep was chaotic

Some people may be able to drink venti black coffee, then take a 20-minute nap, but this is not common for the majority of us.

This is because half of the caffeine that you have consumed can still be in your system 6 hours after you’ve finished drinking it. It can take up to 10 hours for the caffeine to completely go away.

So just one “afternoon pick me up” could be costing your precious shut-eye.

The Nootropics, on the other side, won’t disturb your sleep.

You can achieve that alert, awake state of mind by using the right nootropics (take this quiz and find out yours) without any stimulants.

If you need a boost, here are some other options. You can consume caffeine-containing nootropics in the morning and reduce your intake afternoon.
What are Nootropics? How do they work?

Okay, now what are these “smart drug,” and how do they work?

Although it may sound too good to be true, I can assure you that different types of nootropics have been available for hundreds of years.

The Formula is a combination of three highly effective types of “smart drugs,” which include a Formula.
Peptides and Racetams

Racetams and Peptides are used by astronauts to relieve stress and increase stamina and laser-like focus.

Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, is derived from the essential nutritional nutrient choline. It is known to improve memory and learning, as well as protect the brain against the effects of aging.
Vitamins and Amino Acids

The Formula contains concentrated amino acids, vitamins, and plant-based adaptogens. They protect the brain against toxins, fatigue, and stress while improving memory and learning.

Does that sound like too much?

You don’t have to worry; Formula has an algorithm that will take your biology and goals into consideration.

They have access to the largest collection of nootropic data in the world and know precisely what it takes to get maximum results.

They are committed to your success, which is why they have hired scientists to rigorously test each ingredient. This means that every packet is packed with:

The finest ingredients available

Vegan and animal-free

Made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility

Where can I buy nootropics?

Although there are many nootropic formulas available, none of them perform as well as Formula.

Their personalized assessment and recommendations will increase your chances of getting brain-boosting supplements that work right away.

Your brain and body need specific nootropics in order to increase focus, creativity, and drive, just as you wouldn’t take the same medication as your mother or mailman.