The Worst Inventions

The Worst Inventions

Humans have good things to say about their beautiful inventions. But as it takes everything to make a world, there are also very bad ones, some of which are even capable of endangering human lives. Here is an astonishing anthology of the worst inventions of history.

If the telephone, the light, or the cinema were welcomed with spectacular success in their time, one doubts that the toilet paper headband, the umbrellas for shoes, or the newborn wig would receive the same welcome. Completely new inventions

The most far-fetched, dangerous, or completely ridiculous inventions are the subject of this list, the worst inventions in the world, in short.

Umbrellas For Shoes


Hate having wet feet? Plan with these shoe shades to clip on the front of your feet. You’ll be dry but not spared from ridicule.


The Toilet Paper Headband!


How did such an invention come about? We still wonder. This headband with a toilet paper roll has the gift of making its users look ridiculous.

A Device To Use Your Smartphone With Your Nose!


Would we be so addicted to smartphones to put on this awful device? This spine-chilling device would allow you to use your beloved phone with your nose!


Remote control holder


“Where is the remote control?” On your forehead, thanks to this magnificent headband from the future, capable of accommodating all the lost remote controls in the Universe (for sure).


The Tray For The Ear Steering Wheel!


Human stupidity seems to have no limits. A tray for the driver, we cry heresy, especially when you know that the object has been specially designed to accommodate a computer! To be reserved for autonomous cars in the distant future.


The Noodle Fan!


An unusual invention that has its share of ridiculousness. Are you lazy to blow on your Asian noodles to cool them down? Use a particular fan!


The Mop!


Some would say it’s a beautiful invention! The mop romper is a pre-natal garment with a double function: in addition to protecting Baby from the cold (in fact, to dress him, quite simply), it also allows, thanks to its micro-fiber bangs, to clean the floor at the same time. How to make your child profitable without exploiting him publicly?


The fish leash!


Because a fish also has the right to its daily walk: no favoritism in the world of pets. Just watch for a cat when walking your fish.


The Baby Wig!


Another dubious invention that could make your baby look ridiculous. Are you tired of your newborn being mistaken for a boy because he (or she, sorry) doesn’t have hair on the rock? Remedy that with an infantile wig! Embellished with a crown of flowers to choose from, these far-fetched accessories (it’s the case to say it) go far, very far.


The Pet Rock!


Dating back to the 1970s, pet rock has been in the news. Well packed in its box, this stone pretended to replace dogs and cats without presenting the disadvantages. Instructions were delivered with it to take good care of it. To top it all off, the inventor would have sold 1.5 million of them. We’re walking on our heads!


The Special Bra For Golfers That Turns Into a Carpet!


An invention we could have done without! We bet golf fans do too. This saucy bra promises to let golfers indulge their passion wherever they are. When removed, the versatile bra unfolds into a veritable green and offers two.

Large holes that have nothing to do with the ones on the course. What the inventor forgot is that the main person concerned will feel entirely naked after that. Useless as can be.


The tripod to sleep standing up in public transport


This fantastic invention deserves the last place in this ranking since it is not entirely useless. But still, could you see yourself dozing in the Parisian subway, with your head resting on this tripod?

The Suction Cup Helmet To Sleep Upright Everywhere!

A variant of the tripod of the previous point, the suction cup helmet is even more sophisticated. As its name indicates, this one is equipped with a suction cup that allows it to be fixed to any wall, so you can sleep with a light mind wherever you are In any way.


Exhaust Beef!


Take, for example, this Exhaust Grill. Roohollah Merrikhpour of Iran created a great device to save you time while providing you with a beautiful savory dinner with just a tiny amount of cancer-causing toxins. Exhaust from a car may be used to cook meat!


Gasoline Powered Flashlight!


Have you ever gone out late at night looking for scruffles, the lightly drunk cat, and thought to yourself, “Man, this flashlight could use a little more OOMPH?” A little more oomph. I want scruffles to be aware that I’m on my way. “I want Scruffles to be frightened.” So this is your opportunity! The Gas Powered Flashlight will brighten your day! Or, more likely, late at night. Fortunately, this is only a homebrew effort, and there hasn’t been much time or money put into this crazy, but who knows? Wasn’t Uber a ridiculous idea?


Oombrella Connected Umbrella!


It appears that it will rain. You’re not entirely sure. You gaze out the window. There is rain coming from the sky, but just in case, you hurry over to your handy dandy Wifi linked umbrella to confirm that it is indeed raining. This umbrella forecasts the weather and warns you of imminent moisture-related disasters. This little boy clings to you even more than a crazed ex. If you get too far away, it will phone you and geolocate your umbrella, so you never lose it again.


Bluetooth Connected Pregnancy Tests!


Nowadays, EVERYTHING must be connected. The sticks feature the standard interface, but they can also wirelessly link to your smartphone to entertain you while you wait for the results. Because, you know, you require it. Probably. They’re also three times the price of regular sticks.


Wireless Shoes!


These, on the other hand, I can comprehend. When your feet are freezing, you don’t want to spend $450 on smartphone-controlled shoes that warm them up. They follow your movements, have automated lacing, and even shock absorbers! Dang. What a bargain.

Every day, incredible innovations are made. If you have an idea, don’t be hesitant to pursue it! Your gas-powered smart shoes, complete with a built-in toothbrush and fully programmable LEDs that flash in time to the nasty beats blasting from the built-in speakers, will be a hit at parties!