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Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator

bespoke refrigerator

Bespoke is the concept developed by the Korean brand Samsung to customize its household appliances. Already offered on some appliances such as a cordless vacuum cleaner, a smart washer, and dryer, and on the manufacturer’s one and 2-door refrigerators, Bespoke is now available on its multi-door refrigerators.

What is a bespoke refrigerator?

Unless you opt for built-in appliances, you’re essentially stuck with the look of the appliances you choose. So far, as Samsung brings their custom refrigerators to the UK, with their customizable front panels and modular designs, it’s quick and easy to create your custom cooler.

The easiest way to understand Bespoke is a range stripping the divide between integrated and stand-alone units. You get some of the benefits of integration, including a custom front panel to match your decor, but a stand-alone unit that you can take with you if you move.

Built-in appliances are too expensive and impossible to take with them when people move to another house. In Korea, for example, those who do not own their own homes must move every three years and take their appliances with them to a new residence. So Bespoke was a hybrid and alternative solution that combines self-sufficiency with the look of built-in.

It’s a type of flexibility with appliances that haven’t existed before, but Bespoke is more than just a product designed for easy removal. It’s also a line that can make a statement, giving flexibility to appliances to contrast a kitchen design with a custom finish without the cost typically involved.

Custom designs are as old as human history, and making things according to someone’s tastes and needs was originally something for the privileged class. Increasingly, people care not just about function but about how products look and fit in their homes, and Bespoke offers a way to unify home design without turning to built-in appliances.
This is especially true thanks to COV-19, which has seen more and more people having to stay home for more extended periods, creating the desire for people to renovate their homes and care more about the appearance of their kitchens and appliances.

Available in various sizes, configurations, and colors, the Bespoke multi-door refrigerator offers a high level of customization and an elegant design, with a flat front reminiscent of built-in refrigerators. This model adds to the existing Bespoke range, including combination and single-door units (in 45 and 60 cm). Available in 3 and 4 doors, with a choice of 12 colors and two finishes (glass and steel), it allows a multitude of possibilities that you can mix and match according to your desires.

In addition to the customizable design of the fronts, the Bespoke refrigerators include all the Samsung innovations in terms of storage and cold preservation: beverage space, double automatic ice maker, FlexZone to keep food at the ideal temperature, etc.
Bespoke will also offer options inherited from the Family Hub, its ultra-connected refrigerator, such as Inside View without opening the door, Samsung TV Plus integration and access to free channels and shows directly on the device, or integration of Amazon Alexa and its many services: music, automatic water filter control, taking into account the expiration dates of food in the refrigerator, etc.

Bespoke is designed to fit more naturally into a kitchen next to washer & dryer sets, a microwave, and other cooking equipment without protruding as stand-alone appliances do, which is quite a design challenge.

With a standard refrigerator, the door measures more than 109 mm, but the custom doors measure about 52 mm. To reduce the thickness of the refrigerator, Samsung had to implement newer, more efficient insulation to maintain its performance. There’s also intelligent work to be done to ensure that the Bespoke can function as both a freestanding unit and to be inserted between the cabinets. For the latter, the company had to
Work on the design of the hinges so that the Bespoke doors can open without impacting the units, minimizing the space required.

Bespoke refrigerators are just the beginning of what can be done, and Samsung plans to expand the line to other appliances, including dishwashers, microwaves, and more.


How much is a Samsung bespoke refrigerator?

This week, Samsung released its latest customized appliances. First, we got bespoke refrigerators, and then Samsung revealed that custom laundry appliances would be available shortly. These custom appliances allow you to complement your decor in previously impossible ways. You may order a custom refrigerator to fit your kitchen design and a custom washer and dryer combo to complete your laundry room decor. If you reside in New York City, you may match all three appliances since they will be within six feet of one other.

During the sale, Samsung sells the Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator for $2,798.91, a savings of $1,000.05 off the regular price of $3,798.96. The 4-Door Flex model, which is available in counter-depth (23 cubic feet) and full-depth (29 cubic feet), has a built-in beverage center and makes two types of ice (yes, the famous nugget ice); it also has a unique four-door design that allows users to toggle the lower-right compartment between freezer and fridge space, depending on needs. The Bespoke series is also distinguished by its aesthetics: the four panels are configurable, with customers able to select finishes such as sky blue glass, Champagne pink steel, or matte black steel for each panel. (Certain color combinations modify the price and savings significantly, with some models costing up to $2,899 and saving up to $1,100.)


Where to buy Samsung bespoke refrigerator?

Samsung currently offers a wide range of panels and patterns (metal cotta, satin glass, and glam glass, all available with several color options). However, the long-term goal is to open the design technology to third parties, such as the kitchen. Showrooms, to give even more options.

We received questions such as “washer dryer sales near me,” “refrigerators for sale near me,” and about LG refrigerators. As a result, we have compiled a list of the leading retailers in the United States where you can find the bespoke products:

Samsung store.
AT&T Store.
Sprint Store.
T-Mobile Store.
US Cellular Store.
Verizon Stores.