Development Of Websites – Why is it Important To Have One?

Development Of Websites - Why is it Important To Have One

The Origins


The Internet is a globally connected computer network connected through a technology known as the Internet protocol suite. It is a set of connected local and global academic, private, public, corporate, and government networks linked through various wireless, electrical and optical networking techniques. The Internet offers access to a variety of information and services, including access to the World Wide Web’s (WWW) associated hypertext applications and documents, telephone, electronic mail, and file sharing.

The origins of the Internet could be traced back to the development of packet switching and research commissioned by the US Department of Defence in the 1960s to allow time-sharing on computers. The 1970s saw the creation of the ARPANET, the primary forerunner network, which was used as a foundation to connect regional military and academic networks. In the 1980s, the National Science Foundation Network was established as a new base, and private funding for commercial expansions resulted in global participation in creating modern communications networks and the merging of multiple networks.

The rise of the Internet in mainstream culture is closely tied to its origins as a visual medium. It required an interface with graphics, similar to numerous other computer systems and applications, to persuade people of the Internet’s possibilities. Without the monitor for display, the personal computer wouldn’t be able to spread across our offices and homes and would not be widely used until the advent of electronic calculators, Word processors, and video games drew attention to users. The first time that people began to be convinced of technology like the World Wide Web until the visually-oriented browser was introduced in the 1990s. However, there have been many advances in technology and aesthetics since then. Some of the initial web design techniques have remained in use throughout the decades.

Web Designs through the time.

When people think of the ownership of websites, they imagine large companies such as Amazon or BMW with thousands of users and millions of dollars in revenues. However, the reality is that more than 1 billion sites have been constructed since the beginning of the Internet for the general public, and web-based designs have been launched. Every day greater than half a million are being found across the globe. Contrary to what many believe, these graphic Internet representations are not just owned by big corporations. Small business owners and freelancers, hobbyists professionals, and a myriad of other users utilize these representations. The variety of jobs is limitless.

Conclusion: there’s no doubt it is indeed true that the United States market is one of the most powerful globally, with many of the most lucrative and profitable companies originating from the land of opportunity. However, the important question is, what was how the US achieved and sustained a steady and growing economy? Naturally, entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses are the heart of our American economy! Connecticut is not a newbie in the world of small and medium businesses. It is often described as”the “state of small business” in a discussion of the state’s economic conditions. It is evident in the numbers, which are growing each year. In 2020, Connecticut was home to around 350 thousand registered companies. If you consider it, this is a huge feat since it is 1.1 per cent of all US 31.7 million small-scale businesses that are in existence.

Who and why should we start the website and get it up and up and running?!

Mobile devices account for 52% of Internet traffic around the world. All over the world, people have increasingly “on the move” than ever before, using their smartphones to conduct fast searches, shopping, and social media connections. There will be more than 3.5 billion users on mobile in the world by 2020. Mobile devices are expected to account for more than 50% of our time online.

A total of 2.5 trillion searches are performed by users of Google every year. This search engine has been previously mentioned as the most used online search engine, ranked #1 on the most popular multi-platform sites within the United States alone, with over 250 million unique users. Each day, an average user performs between 3-4 Google searching.

As mentioned before, with the fact that there are many businesses based in the state of Connecticut, it is a reality that they are not able to claim the space to themselves within the huge future that the Internet has brought to us. Most people think that if they have an account on Facebook and an Instagram account, that is sufficient. But it’s exactly the opposite. No matter the industry and industry, a business’s online presence can significantly influence the performance of its business. Many companies don’t realize that most customers will browse their websites before purchasing a product or engaging with their services and products. This is simply the time we are in. A well-designed online presence, especially a properly designed website, could determine your ability to generate more lucrative results. The design and quality of your website can significantly impact the outcome. However, this article aims to stress the importance of having one.


We are Billion Success Media, like an e-commerce business that is small in size and over 200 other businesses situated in Connecticut. We know how crucial it is to be found. Improving your brand’s image is among the main reasons to have a site. Naturally, there are hundreds of companies similar to yours. One method to distinguish yourself is to create an attractive layout that is appealing visually and efficiently provides valuable information to your clients. Websites can help you create a positive impression on your customers and assure them that you’re a reputable business.

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Final words

In the final instance time, on the other hand, at Billion Hosting, web designers from Connecticut, we brought experts, who we refer to them as “Tech Ninjas’, with extraordinary communication skills to help you in understanding the potential of Internet as well as how you can make use of it to speed up development of your company through the creation of a professionally designed website. We place a great deal of importance on your satisfaction with the final product. We aim to inspire everyone in the industry which include photographers, freelancers professionals as well as amateurs who are pursuing their goals and non-profit organizations authors, entrepreneurs anyone who would like to take their passion to the next level, or possibly get one step ahead of competitors who might be in the same field.

We’d like to take this chance to let you know that we are not only creating beautiful quick responsive websites for you. We are also ensuring that you get the most effective quality, easy-to-read and well-written content created by our team that has more than 50 years of experience. So, you don’t have to be worried about any aspect. It’s likely that you think that’s all there is to it, and you couldn’t be further from the truth. To get moving quicker you will have your interview featured on our site and promoted across all social media channels. We will assist you in marketing your company and brand on the Internet at no additional cost.

By putting all the information discussed in this article – your website can be the cherry that decorates the the most amazing cake you’ve ever had. Our view is simple and we are able to say that everyone who owns any business must have a web page designed to make an impression when potential customers or customers of the service look up Google or another search engine.