Common Dog Behaviors And What They Mean

Dogs have a different way of seeing the world than humans. For this reason, they rely heavily on their body language to convey their various messages to people. Read this article to learn more about what your dog is trying to tell you. You’ll be surprised by some of these signals your dog gives off because, believe it or not, there are some you would never have thought of.

Raising Their Paws

When you see your dog raise his paw, it is a sign that he wants to play or simply needs something from you. This behavior is more common in puppies and small dogs. When puppies want to eat, they lift their paw or hold them out to their mother. If they do the same with you, it means they need attention and affection.

Getting All Curled Up

If you pay attention to your dog, you will notice that at some point he will curl up as a fox does. In this case, its legs curl up under its body and its tail is tightly curled. This indicates that the dog is probably cold. Curling up on top of each other helps them retain more body heat, but if you see your dog curling up like this, it’s best to put a blanket on him to keep him warm.

Eating Grass

Seeing a dog eating grass is not the most unusual thing to see, but unfortunately most of the time it means that the dog is missing an important nutrient. It can also mean that he is trying to digest his food well, given the fibrous nature of the grass. You should also be very careful, as this may also indicate that your dog has worms in his intestines. Eating grass can also mean that the dog is dehydrated and is trying to find water in the grass. That said, if this happens often, take your dog to the vet, as it is best to keep him safe.

Energy Boosting

Although some dogs like baths, not many do. The average dog does not like baths and if you notice your dog running around the house like a madman after a bath, he did not enjoy the bath. Many dogs really hate to get wet and running so vigorously is a way for them to dry out faster.

Standing on Hind Legs

When you notice your dog standing up on his hind legs, it can mean several things. In most cases, it means that your dog is trying to show affection. Just like humans, your dog sometimes wants to hug you. However, when he does it in the presence of other dogs, it is simply a sign that he wants to play. As long as he stands up on his hind legs without becoming aggressive, it’s played.

Chewing Your Furniture

When puppies start teething, they start chewing on things. Chewing these things can also be a sign of something else if you have a dog that is not a puppy. But relax, this is not a bad thing. It just means they haven’t had the physical activity their body needs. You can easily help them in this situation by taking them for a good walk or helping them exercise in other ways.

Their Way of Barking

Dogs bark for different reasons. If you notice that they bark very often and loudly, it is probably for an urgent reason. They may have sensed danger around them and are trying to let you know. It may also be a sign that they are in pain. On the other hand, when the barking is shorter and softer, it’s likely that he just wants to have fun. Pay attention so you can understand exactly what’s going on with him.

Keeps Bringing Toys

Your dog bringing you toys is not always a sign that he wants to play. It may simply be a way of trying to please you. Dogs tend to see you as the alpha and as such, they feel the need to respect you. It is also a sign of the trust they have in you that makes them want to give you such a precious object. Another sign could be that the dog loves you enough to give you something that he considers a valuable possession. When they do this, you should not throw the toy away, as you may hurt them.

When They Yawn

Normally, human yawns when he is bored or sleepy. However, a dog yawns to indicate that he feels secure where he is. Yawning is a sign of submission and if he does it repeatedly, it shows how relaxed he is. On the other hand, repeated yawns can mean he is stressed or anticipating something. If you notice your dog yawning several times at the veterinarian’s office, it may indicate that he is nervous. If he yawns many times before going for a walk, he may be trying to maintain his enthusiasm, but, like humans, it may be a sign that he is tired.

Like Caterpillars

All dog lovers love to see their dog wiggle, paw, and play. Sometimes a dog will wriggle on his back in an attempt to scratch himself when he feels a little itchy. In other cases, it may just be a way to get your attention. So it’s helpful to give them exactly what they need – love and attention.

Before You Leave

It is natural for pet lovers to feel guilty about leaving their pets at home when they go to work or elsewhere. Some pet owners even prefer to pay for daycare to feel less guilty. When you see your dog make sad faces when you’re about to leave, it may be exactly what you’re already thinking. He’s feeling sad. But don’t worry too much, because your little buddy knows you’re not gone forever. You’ll probably be back and, oddly enough, that smile is also a sign of confidence.

Back & Forth Pacing

If your dog is running around in circles, it’s because for some reason they are feeling nervous, bored, and in some cases, excited, just like us humans. If they are running around in circles, it may mean that they want you to play with them. Keep in mind that this is the same way dogs chase each other when they meet, so it could be that the dog is just playing.

Pointing to Their Snout

Have you ever seen a dog freeze and snap its muzzle in any direction? It may even end up lifting a paw while doing so. This is a very common behavior, especially in hunting dogs, but other breeds can do it too. According to Dr. Ellen Vindell, a dog is just a dog, and as such there are certain behaviors that any dog can do, just by virtue of being a dog. You will often see a sporting dog behave similarly to a herding dog and vice versa.

Showing Discomfort

Besides the fact that dogs can use their yawning to show comfort, their yawning can also mean something else. It can mean that the dog is really exhausted and ready for a good afternoon nap. It can also be a sign of anxiety and a feeling of unease. Watch for this behavior, especially if you’re taking your dog to an unfamiliar place.

Tilting Their Heads

When people talk to dogs, they unconsciously end up speaking in a louder tone. In doing so, you may notice that your dog tilts his head. He does this to try to understand what you are trying to tell him. Dogs have an excellent way of reading body language and responding to vocal cues. Dogs have a way of taking in all of your reprimands or instructions as well as your praise. They recognize specific words, especially those associated with treats they like or walks. There is a theory that dogs move their heads in this way to adjust their ears more widely to hear better.

Sniffing Around

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell for many things. While humans have 5 million different olfactory receptors, dogs have 220 million. As you can imagine, they are able to smell a thousand times better. When you see a dog sniffing, it has detected danger or something to eat. Normally, dogs stay still and quiet while they do this. They are able to differentiate between the scents of individuals and different dogs. Believe it or not, they are also able to distinguish between identical twins.

Flipping Their Tongues

When a dog thinks he has done something he shouldn’t have, he may stick out his tongue and turn it around to apologize. Yes, dogs also feel guilty about doing something wrong from time to time. It’s also their way of putting on that cute, innocent face. After all, you can’t resist such a cute face. You can expect to see this especially when the dog urinates on the floor.

Just Like Yoga

Unlike humans, dogs don’t just stretch when they wake up. They do it to keep their muscles comfortable. Stretching is also a sign of their love. When you come home at night and your dog starts stretching, know that he’s happy to see you.

Exposing Their Belly

Believe it or not, when your dog decides to show you his belly, it simply means that he feels respectful and submissive towards you or that he really wants to play with you. The best way to respond to such an action by your dog is to rub his belly. Your dog will feel good when you do this and will keep showing his belly waiting for you to rub it over and over again. However, they also do this when they have been attacked by another animal.

Tucking Their Tail In

When you see your dog tuck his tail between his legs, he may be in distress. He may be scared, guilty, nervous, unsure of something, or embarrassed for some reason. The best way to respond to this situation is to comfort the dog and reassure him that he is safe. Give the dog a treat or simply pet him and be sure to talk to him in a gentle voice.

Dragging Their Bum

When a dog starts shuffling his buttocks, it may seem a little funny, but you should actually worry instead of laughing. This action is called “shooting” and occurs when the dog wants to release an infected anal sac. Some breeds of dogs suffer from it more than others. It can be very uncomfortable for them, so be sure to take the dog to the vet as soon as possible.

On Your Feet

Dogs like to lie on people’s feet at dinner time or when people are watching TV. This can be a little annoying, but keep in mind that they don’t mean to offend you. It’s just their way of showing their loyalty to you and their willingness to be close to you. It’s behavior they got from their ancestors long ago when dogs ran in packs.

Leaning On You

You should be flattered when a dog leans on you while circling you. To the dog, this is the equivalent of a hug, so don’t think he’s being lazy. He just wants to make contact with you. The next time your dog does this, don’t be quick to push him away. Allow him to show his affection in this way.

Tackling You

It has never been comfortable to be approached for any reason and you may have been hurt in the past by this type of approach. However, this is not a sign that a dog wants to hurt you. In fact, it’s one of their ways of showing how happy they are to see you. They’ve probably been waiting for you to return and can’t contain their excitement.

Flicking Ears

When you see a dog wiggle its ears, you should know that it is listening carefully to you. This is a very common behavior in many different animals. It happens when they are unfamiliar with a certain sound and are trying to understand it. So when you see this, let your dog understand things slowly for a second. After all, it is very nice to have an observant dog.

Licking Themselves Clean

It’s no secret that a dog cleans its body by licking itself. Of course, when dogs feel dirty, they go out of their way to lick their bodies, but there may be another reason why they do this. It could be a sign that they are injured. Licking their paws or even their legs is a sign that they need to go to the vet. Do this because it is better to keep them safe than to wait until things get too serious.

Snarling and Showing Teeth

Dogs show their moods in different ways. These moods are not always positive. In some cases, they will furrow their brow in aggression. If you see your dog growling or baring his teeth, it is best to remove him from the situation. This is because the dog may be ready to attack.

Time For Investigation

If your dog suddenly stops when you’re walking and then lifts a paw, it doesn’t mean he’s hurt. It’s just a way of showing that he’s trying to get a handle on something that’s caught his attention. His brain works at these times, and he sniffs a lot when he’s trying to play detective.

A Straightened Tail

When you see a dog’s tail in the air, it is probably very excited or confident. Dogs often do this when they encounter another dog or animal. If his tail is wagging and held in the air, the dog is probably feeling challenged in some way. When a dog is happy, its tail is always level with its body. Conversely, if the tail hangs low, it indicates insecurity.

The Side Tongue

Dogs often look very cute when they stick their tongue out of their mouth. This is a sign of calm and happiness. This usually happens when they are playing ball or going for a walk. That being said, excessive tongue hanging simply shows that they are suffering from “tongue hanging syndrome”, which is common in bulldogs, flat-nosed dogs or even boxers.

Digging Holes

When your dog starts digging, he doesn’t have bad intentions. Rather, it is an instinct that is part of their DNA, especially if it is a terrier. They simply dig in the garden to leave their toys, bones or other objects they consider valuable. They also do it to bury the dead or to look for prey.