Are You Feeling a Bit Down? Put The Onion in Your Socks!

Are You Feeling a Bit Down? Put The Onion in Your Socks!

You can try putting an onion inside your socks!


The most common associations with onions are crying our eyes out or making a delicious meal, which makes sense as we often use onions in our meals. However, did you know onions can be used for many other purposes? An onion can be highly effective in battling all kinds of ailments daily.

Who would have thought that onion could be so beneficial to your well-being!




Medical science has proven that there are more than seven hundred nerves in your feet connected to the rest of your body. So, putting an onion inside your socks will benefit more than your feet. Placing the onion in your socks will clean the entire body. It’ll draw the germs and bacteria from your body, and because our feet’ skin is fragile, the beneficial bacteria and chemicals absorb into your blood faster. This way, the onion will also cleanse your blood. It’s all even while you’re asleep! Continue to the next page to find details about the healing properties of onions.




It is believed that putting an onion inside your socks before bedtime can aid in getting rid of an illness much more quickly. Onions can make you feel more comfortable due to their incredible healing properties. Onions are famous for their ability to absorb unpleasant smells and improve the air quality. If you put an onion inside your socks before bed and absorb bacteria, the bacteria will be eliminated by the onion, and your body’s blood will get cleaned. It is essential to choose organic onions that have not been treated with chemical substances.




In order to accomplish this technique, you must make use of organic, untreated onions. If you don’t, harmful chemicals can be absorbed into your bloodstream, which is not what you’re trying to achieve. Doctor Lauren Feder, a homeopathic doctor in Los Angeles, USA, has confirmed the medicinal value of onions. The remedy is believed to aid in the fight against bladder infections, colds, toothaches, earaches, and other issues. Particularly in China, using onions as a treatment has been popular for quite some time. It’s certainly worth trying! Therefore, slice an onion in half and place it in the sock of your heel before going to sleep. It could be beneficial to wash your feet a bit more in the morning