7 Habits That Worsen Your Sexual Health

Habits That Worsen Your Sexual Health

Did you know some bad practices can harm our sexual well-being? According to the stern anti-smoking message of health authorities on the cigarette packaging, “smoking increases the risk of impotence.” Smoking cigarettes isn’t the only risky habit that could lead to sexual health issues such as impotence and erectile dysfunction.
Dietary issues, alcoholism, stress, the use of certain substances, or even the lack of communication within the couple are a few factors that influence men mentally and physically. In our article on ways to enhance sexuality, enjoyable sexual experiences can be achieved through various actions, such as engaging in sports, eating a healthy diet, or being emotionally well.
This time, we will discuss the things you shouldn’t do, namely, the detrimental behaviors to health and can be the root of Erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, it’s an amalgamation of the practices categorized as unhealthy that can cause or worsen an issue. Let’s look at them individually:

Uncontrolled medications

Certain antidepressants, antihistamines, or blood pressure medication may cause Erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is crucial to speak with your physician if you suffer from a similar problem, as they can identify the root of the problem and search for solutions as they are able.

I am insufficiently addressing issues with relationships.
The issue of miscommunication might seem insignificant however it’s not really. Insecurity within oneself and with the relationship could lead to mental insecurity. It is possible to remove the blockage that blocks sexual connections with the guidance of psychologists or sexologists.

Stressful life

As we’ve guessed, psychological factors are responsible for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. An excessively stressful life may cause this to happen and other negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, and even guilt. This is often the result of an unpleasant experience in an intimate relationship.

Poor diet

A diet that is not healthy is harmful; however, when we speak about sexual health, it is essential to consider a few essential aspects. Particularly cholesterol, one of the main risk factors that can cause Erectile dysfunction. Because of this, we recommend eating whole dairy products such as cheeses, red meats, sausages, eggs, and ultra-processed food items like pastries in moderate quantities.
Additionally, to keep blood pressure under control, one of the most troublesome factors, it is advised to eat foods with high sodium levels in moderate amounts and control sodium intake.
Keeping an appropriate diet and engaging in games is a great way to avoid these issues. The other risk factor that can cause problems is weight gain.


Do you think that 20 cigarettes a day are sufficient to raise the risk of erectile dysfunction by 60% percent?
It is a good thing that studies have shown that quitting smoking helps restore an almost everyday sexual experience. Still, the risk of impotence persists to a lesser extent because of the length of time the period it has been exposed to smoking tobacco.

Alcohol consumption

The idea that alcohol consumption is beneficial for sex is widely held because this substance triggers an increase in dopamine. The truth is that alcohol affects equally “exciting” neurotransmitters and “inhibiting” neurotransmitters that reduce the amount of energy. Because they hinder the normal function of our nervous system, excessive consumption can result in an abrupt interruption of the erection. That is the so-called “trigger.”
In any event, drinking alcohol makes it more difficult for blood to flow to the penis, and as a result, it can hamper erection and access. If one of these scenarios occurs at a specific time because of alcohol consumption, It is crucial to avoid becoming obsessed. This could lead to repeating the issue in situations where alcohol is not required to be present. As we’ll learn later, psychological factors are often the cause of sexual health issues.