10 Names of The Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Names of The Most Expensive Dogs in The World


The Akita, which has a price tag of more than $4500, is a vast and powerful dog breed. It has the appearance of a noble and powerful presence. It was initially used to guard nobles and the nobility of feudal Japan. The Akita also hunted and tracked black bears, wild boar, and occasionally deer. He is a ferocious and faithful protector of his entire family. The Akita is not afraid to face challenges and does not be afraid to frighten anyone.
The Akita is at its best and is best when surrounded by his family. This breed isn’t overly active. However, he needs regular exercise, and 30 minutes to one hour every day is adequate for an Akita.



One of the most ancient canines, Salukis, was once considered a present from Allah. They’re agile as a breeze, thin as a model, and committed to their family. They’re a Saluki that can be groomed easily but are difficult to train and isn’t to be trusted when off-leash.
It is believed that the Saluki is a tough breed that doesn’t suffer from many genetically-inherited illnesses. They require a house with a big, secure enclosed yard in which they can run on all fours. The ideal space for running for the Saluki is between 300 and 400 feet in width or length. Fences must be six to five feet tall, or the Saluki can jump over the fences. The maximum is $2500 for a puppy.


Tibetan Mastiff

This dog breed, which is still primitive, was created centuries ago in Tibet. It was initially used as a guard dog to protect property and livestock. Tibetan Mastiffs can still be seen in the role of guard dogs. However, they also love life as a pet for the family and as show dogs. The cost is $7000.
It is believed that the Tibetan Mastiff can be described as a family dog that should be kept indoors with access to a significant secure yard where it can exercise. A small dog run will not meet the needs of this breed. The weight of his coat doesn’t suit him for life in a hot, humid climate, even though he’s able to handle dry temperatures. In hot weather, it is essential to be able to access shade and water when you are outdoors.



A Lowchen (also known as Little Lion Dog is a breed of dog. Some registry sites regard small dogs as toys. In 1973, there were just 65 registered specimens of this breed. Today it is a rare breed with only a few hundred annual registrations. The average cost was $8000.
Lowchen makes great apartment tenants. However, they can be susceptible to excessive barking. It is crucial to take this issue into account prior to you bringing a Lowchen to your home, as specific apartment communities and buildings have noise limits.


Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound is an old breed of dog that has not seen much change since his creation over 5 000 years ago. The dog was owned by King and possibly hunted gazelles for pharaohs, thus his name. This faithful hunter later traveled to Malta and is now the official dog of Malta. It could cost up to $6500 for a puppy.
Pharaoh Hounds are generally healthy; however, they’re susceptible to specific health issues like all breeds. Due to their calm temperament, Pharaoh Hounds can live in a condo or apartment; however, his barking can potentially upset close neighbors.



At the cost of up to $8000, rottweilers started out as dogs that were bred to pull cattle to markets. Later, they were used to pull carts that were used for butchers. These were some of the first police dogs used with respect within the army. In addition, they are beloved family guardians and companions.
The Rottweiler is a dog who loves to be at home. However, he needs an enclosed yard, not just to keep him safe from traffic but also because it is possible for him to be aggressive with strangers and dogs who visit his property.



Originally bred to hunt, transport sleds, and herd reindeer, The Samoyed dog breed was a useful companion for Siberia’s northwestern Samoyede people. They were also required to walk, hike and warm the owners of their dogs by sleeping on the top of them during the night. The cost can range from $11000 per puppy.
The energetic Samoyed is not suitable for apartments or condos. A house with a large secure yard is the best option. As it is the case that the Samoyed is a dog that works and needs space to run around and play.


Chow Chow

It is believed that the Chow Chow – is a breed of dog that originated in northern China in China, and it is known by the name of Songs Quan, which means “puffy-lion dog.” There is a belief to be that Chow Chow is one of the dogs that were used in China as a model of the Foo dog, which is the traditional stone guardian that is found at the entrance of Buddhist temples and palaces. It is among the rare breeds of ancient dogs remaining throughout the world. The price is around $8500.
Chows can be adapted to many different houses that range from apartments to palaces. They should be inside with their owners and not in an outdoor kennel or backyard. They can’t take hot temperatures, so make sure to make sure they are inside in hot weather.


English Bulldog

English Bulldogs were initially used to transport cattle to markets and play a bloody sport known as bullbaiting. They’re now gentle companions that love children. A quick walk and taking a nap on the sofa is all this breed needs to speed.
In general, Bulldogs can have a number of health issues. They’re great pets, but make sure you’re prepared to check their health and pay for any medical treatment they might require. Bulldogs don’t exercise indoors and don’t require a huge amount of exercise. The cost is $9000, and you’ll get your own walking bulldog.